Occupy Wall Street

New York City, New York

Protesters Against the Rich Get Rich Suing New York City

The Accused

Occupy Wall Street Protesters

Occupy Wall Street

New York City, New York

The Crime

This is America, so the protesters who illegally occupied areas around Wall Street don't apologize - they sue.

Real Punishment

A settlement was made in June 2014 for $600,000 by the City of New York for falsely arresting Occupy Wall Street participants on New Year’s Day 2012.  Since New York City authorities love to throw around tax payer money, they also gave the protesters $230,000 for books lost from an “Occupy Wall Street library”, which has got to be the most money anyone has ever received for essentially worthless second hand books. And a group called Global Revolution got $75,000 for some computer equipment from the largesse of New York. 

The New York Times | June 10, 2014 | Colin Moynihan
The law in our hands

By making big money for doing nothing, the Occupy Wall Street protesters are actually doing exactly what they accuse Wall Streeters of doing – taking big payments without creating value. Maybe instead of Occupying Wall Street and suing the city, those who want change could trade their self-righteousness for real jobs.

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