Bernardo Provenzano

Sicilian “boss of bosses”

In Recent News

Recently, Provenzano was moved to another jail where he would feel more comfortable. 

The Life and Times of a Sicilian Mafia Boss

The Accused

Bernardo Provenzano, Sicilian “boss of bosses” and known to be one of the most vicious mafia bosses in history

Bernardo Provenzano

Sicilian “boss of bosses”

The Crime

As Mafia boss, he was one of the richest men in Italy, but, when he knew he was being hunted, he chose to move to a small shed, and live in virtual poverty, rather than leave the country. "Why men like Provenzano live truncated, shitty lives as fugitives instead of moving to a discreet nation in Africa where they can live on a beach with 200 servants. - 'in Sicily, it's better to rule than to fuck.'

At the end, he sacrificed almost everything: a mile away from a wife and family he could not touch, his vast fortune hidden somewhere and virtually useless, sitting in a little run-down shed and watching TV with a blanket over his head to hide the light. And now (in prison) he lives out his last days in silence, in a small cell, eating alone, watching soap operas on TV.

GQ | March 2007 | Devin Friedman

Real Punishment

In April 2013, Italian authorities seized 1.3 billion Euros from “a Sicilian wind-farm and solar-power magnate linked to Messina Denaro”. In November, Ansa announced that 16 arrests were made of individuals linked to Denaro. While Provenzano sits in jail, the new boss Matteo Messina is investigated. 

The law in our hands

This ruthless crime boss sits in jail watching soap operas.  He should be subject to the same punishment that he would dole out to his enemies. 

In Recent News

Recently, Provenzano was moved to another jail where he would feel more comfortable. 

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