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Counting to God

A Personal Journey Through Science to Belief

Book Overview: Table Of Contents

Part 1 ~ Setting the Stage
   1. The Great Question Read it now »
   2. The Good News Read it now  »
   3. A Personal Journey
   4. Religion versus Scientism
   5. Paradigm Blindness
   6. The Great Debate

Part 2 ~ The Science of Belief
   7. Creation
   8. Fine-Tuning
   9. Problems with the Multiverse
   10. The Origin of Life
   11. The Technology of Life
   12. Puzzles of Macroevolution
   13. Our Special Earth
   14. A Foundation of Thought

Part 3 ~ Conclusions
   15. The Logic of Belief
   16. Connecting the Dots

Suggested Reading
Appendix A: Exponents
Appendix B: Infinity


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Doug Ell is a prominent attorney based in Washington DC and Florida. He combines an academic science background with a lifetime of independent study in his uniquely grounded approach to science, religion and philosophy.