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This is a disease that is characterized by intense itching as a result of sarcoptei scabies mites.


The main mode of transmission in the young persons is by sexual contact. It is during this time that the mites crawl directly to the new host and make burrows on the skin.

Chances of being infected

It is estimated that upto 300 million people are infected by scabies worldwide. Female mites travel about 2.5cm per minute. This means that the more the contact time during a sexual encounter, the higher the chances that one will get infected with these mites that cause scabies.

How to detect if someone has it

The main symptom in scabies is itching that is worse at night with other members of the same household reporting the same manifestations.

Pruritic eruptions can also be noted on the skin surface.


Since the mites travel directly from one host to the other barrier methods like the use of condoms would not be effective.

The only effective measures would be the eradication of the mites.

Condom effectiveness

Condoms are not effective in curbing the spread of scabies. This is because the mites that cause scabies will crawl directly form one person to the new host.


Topical agents to kill the mites eg lindane, permethrin, crotamiton and malathion

  • Systemic agents eg ivermectin
  • Anti-histamines to get rid of the itching
  • Corticosteroids to get rid of the nodules induced by the mites

Systemic antibiotics may be used if there is associated infections.

Best sources for more information

The risk chart is the heart of this guide, and it can be found here

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