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New Book Reveals Lavish, $1.4 BILLION Lifestyle of Obama Family

Attitude Media Study Says Spending Far Outstrips British Royal Family

New York, NY - (SBWIRE) - 10/29/2012 - As the presidential campaign enters the final week President Obama has positioned himself as the champion of the middle class and his opponent as an out of touch elitist.

Attitude Media's new ebook, The 1.4 Billion Dollar Man: Costs of the Obama White House, by John F. Groom, is the most comprehensive study of White House spending, just completed after 3 years of meticulous research. This book shows that the Obamas have become the very epitome of the excesses he and the first lady criticize. Their taxpayer funded lifestyle is far more opulent than that of any corporate mogul, European king, Arab sheik or Russian oligarch. In fact, the British Royal family, which receives a subsidy of $50 million per year, could only be supported for 13 days at the rate at which the Obamas spend US taxpayer dollars.

The First Family's expenses include:

- Date night in 2009 cost taxpayers over $1 million, and involved 3 Lear jets, 2 C-17 cargo planes, 5 helicopters, and a motorcade.

- Taxpayers paid $3.2 billion to develop a new presidential helicopter fleet, which was then sold to Canada for scraps for $154 million, resulting in a $3 billion loss and no new helicopters.

- The presidential health care plan costs taxpayers over $7 million per year.

- There are over 1,000 US military personnel involved in moving the president, his family, and top aides around the country, often for vacations and campaign appearances. This number includes 64 flight stewards whose job is to make sure that the president, and other frequent Air Force One guests, gets his hamburgers and fries just the way he wants them.

- Michelle Obama is fond of saying her White House garden produces 740 pounds of produce at a cost of $180. Actually, the garden employs a Farm Site Coordinator, a White House Garden Overseer, multiple park service employees and many others at huge cost, resulting in the world's most expensive produce.

- Michelle Obama will often leave for family vacation a few hours before the president, requiring a separate plane and resulting in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional cost.

Armed with these and hundreds of other well-annotated examples, Groom also offers common sense solutions for dramatically reducing the cost to taxpayers while still providing a secure, luxurious lifestyle for the president and his family.

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