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Koh Nguang How: Singapore’s One-Man Museum

Mr Koh houses his artefacts in boxes and folders in his flat, which his niece (pictured) sometimes goes through Read More »

Where George Washington Slept (Perhaps Not Well)

Workers at the new Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia install a tent used by George Washington. Read More »

The Pompidou At 40: How, Despite Terrorism, Museum Keeps Parisians Coming

Many Paris museums saw their attendance decline in 2016, as terrorism fears kept foreign tourists away. But the Centre Pompidou, which turns 40 this year, hasn't Read More »

Adrift In A Dreamworld –The Genius Of Michael Andrews Makes Us Doubt Our Own Eyes

‘Coolly distant’ … detail of Lights VII: A Shadow, 1974, by Michael Andrews. Read More »


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