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Has The Art Market Become An Unwitting Partner In Crime?

The sale of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec’s “Au Lit: Le Baiser” is at the center of a dispute. Read More »

The Story Of A Painting That Fought Fascism

Inspired by the bombing of the Basque city, Picasso’s mural Guernica is one of the most famous anti-war paintings in history Read More »

3 Years After A Car Bomb Damaged It, Cairo’s Islamic Art Museum Reopens

Cairo's Museum of Islamic Art reopened this month after being closed since a 2014 car bombing. Egypt's antiquities minister called the museum's revival a victory Read More »

Lost Bob Marley Tapes Restored After 40 Years In London Basement

Lost recordings by Bob Marley found in a damp hotel basement in London after more than 40 years have been restored. Read More »


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