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Philly Artist Tastes The Rainbow And Saves The Wrappers

"I Saw the Figure 5 in Starburst." Starburst wrappers, acrylic and ink on canvas. 2011. Read More »

Will New Video Help Solve $500 Million Art Heist?

New surveillance footage from the largest art heist in US history may provide clues to the missing Manet, Degas, and Vermeer paintings. Read More »

Hieronymus Bosch: Touched By The Devil’ Is Dry But The Art Is Still Astonishing

The documentary 'Bosch' depicts the effort to assemble the artist's work for an exhibit in the southern Netherlands for the 500th anniversary of Bosch's death. Read More »

Degas’ Mysterious Portrait Revealed: How X-Rays Help Find ‘Old’ Artwork

Modern X-ray imaging technology gives art historians and scientists the opportunity to view hidden masterpieces in full color. Read More »


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