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The Kitsch King’s Palaces Get a Facelift

Bavaria's King Ludwig II is largely remembered for the numerous fairytale palaces he built in the Alpine foothills of Bavaria, including Neuschwanstein castle. Now, Read More »

Artist David Hockney Says The Drive To Create Pictures ‘Is Deep Within Us’

In a recent series of photographic drawings, David Hockney, shown above in his studio, plays with the relationship between painting and photography. Read More »

Beyond Caravaggio Review: A Masterpiece Of Surprise

The shadowed eyes of Caravaggio’s Saint John the Baptist (painted 1603–4) won’t leave me alone. They stare at me in the night. Ever since I saw this lifesize, nearly Read More »

Painting Once Written Off As £20 Copy Reassessed As £20M Raphael

The Virgin by Innocenzo Francucci da Imola, now believed to be a Raphael. Read More »


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